Why eShopping Supply Chain & Inventory Management

The supply chain and inventory management have been massively disrupted by the emergence of the pandemic.

While the retail sector witness a drastic change in buying patterns, sight of empty supermarket shelves, increased restrictions on import and export routes and shortage of staff and challenges of running warehouses with human intervention, retailers of all kinds need to ensure that they have a resilient supply chain, logistics and inventory management solutions in place to stand against the epidemic and to survive the new future.

As such, retailers are turning into scaling up technologies such artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, enterprise resource planning (ERP), automation tools, risk management tools among many others to ensure that they achieve operational efficiency and meet growing demand. Retailers also realise that without investing on technologies and solutions today, they will be losing competitive advantage now and in the future.

Who will attend eShopping Supply Chain and Inventory Management DigiConnect?

12 to 30 senior management members with the below job titles from the top 60 big retail chains, fashion stores, food stores, electronic stores, online shopping providers, footwear stores, toys, sports and health and beauty in the Middle East.

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